Top 10 Coons of 2015

2015 was another coontastic year full of black folks doing their latest and greatest “Shuck & Jive” routine to remain in the good graces of mainstream conservative white America. I could go on and on for days about the kind of self loathing self centered and selfish motivations that go into making certain black men and women suspend all manners of pride and common logic while spewing the most embarrassing rhetoric for the sole purpose of ingratiating  themselves with the kind of dying breed of thought propagated on Fox news, but I don’t have all day and since we have already said farewell to 2015 I’m going to cut to the chase and share my top 10 Coons of the last 365 day cycle…

#10 Raven Symone

Raven the bird

Now Raven is probably one of the more innocuous additions to this list because unlike the coons that will  follow her she has not outwardly advocated for or co-signed the murder of black people, stumped for Trump or any of the more outlandish things that her brothers and sisters in coondumb are guilty of.

With that being said Raven is a black woman that has a national media platform and while The View to most serious people may be superficial day time programming in nature, Ravens words, thoughts and opinions reverberate and have wide spread resonance. With such a dearth in black voices in media she has a responsibility (whether she accepts this or not) to represent the overall interest of African-Americans as they portend to social uplift and all manners of equality. While Raven is far from the most egregious on air offender of black sensibilities I would be remiss not to coon-crown her for openly embracing discriminating against people with ethnic or as she puts it “ghetto sounding” names.

She received enough backlash for her banal brain musing that she did the unthinkable–at least for a coon. She actually apologized to black people and retracted her statement. And while there are other examples this year of her cooning we will not belabor the point because again, unlike the coons on the list that will follow her there is some hope. Let’s pray that she understands the error of her ways and does not make next year’s list.

#9 Jonathan Gentry

jonathan gentry

~ Now most don’t know this “Soul Glo” Negro. Hell, I barley know who he is. I just happened to pass one of his coonified productions on Facebook and could not help but to opine on the kind of chicanery  chicoonery that he had on display.  Of course the mostly all white people on his page that pats him on his greasy ass head for his Uncle Tom soliloquies rushed to defend their lawn jockey. My retort to his rabidly racist followers  ended up getting me a 30 day ban from Facebook…

Banned from FB pic


…so needless to say my number 9 selection was more personal in nature. Though the Coon-job that he’s pulling off is still worthy of mention.


#8 Rod Wheeler


Rod Wheeler is another lesser known coon (unless you are a Fox Newsbot) who deserves some recognition for his incessant coonery and failing of black people in media. The following clip speaks for itself. As a black man and former police officer he has totally abdicated his responsibilities to the community by co-signing the deaths of the innocent victims of racist policing in America. His answer to how to stop police killings of unarmed black people is to get out of their way and let them do their jobs. Oh and that there needs to be a change at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He really said that…

#7 Kevin Jackson


Kevin Jackson is one of the better known hired guns (against black progress) of Fox News. He makes a living being the attack dog for white supremacy on air. No matter how egregious the offense to black people are he will always side with whatever Sean Hannity’s opinion is. He is to Sean Hannity what Justice Clarence Thomas is to Justice Antoion Scalaia–a lap dog.

His answer about what ails black America will always default to liberal policies, the Democratic party and Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. No matter what the specific topic at hand is. I think we all know a coon or two like this guy.

#6 Diamond & Silk


~ Now these two coonettes were plucked from under the same rock of obscurity that the rest of Donald Trumps dangerously uneducated following crawled from under. The two of these women together can be described as nothing short of a minstrel act. The kind of cooning that they have on display would normally grant them a higher ranking but as I said earlier–2015 was quite the coontastic year and these birds have little to no influence on even the most guile among us so all this performance really amounts to is a modern day Amos and Andy skit.

Two extra mediocre ghetto birds with lace front weaves endorsing Donald Trump and his Mein Kampf style of politics amounts to being just a misdomeaner in comparison to the Trump endorsements coondorsements to follow…


#5 The Black Preachers that endorsed Trump

black preachers for trump

…because after all not even the average ghetto bird will  follow these ghetto birds to the polls to vote for him. The Diamond and Silk coon combo at the end of the day will garner minimal (if any) black voters for Trump. Their purpose more than anything is to assuage white racist guilt and to allow Trump to keep on saying “The Blacks love me”. These black preachers stumping for Trump is a much more nefarious act of treason to the community because these men are literally paid to lead flocks of black people and they are knowingly leading their flock to vote for a man that overtly disdains them and is literally promising to increase their misery index. No matter what these men and women have done in their respective ministries in the past to uplift the community (if they’ve done that at all) they will now and forevermore be remembered for selling out the black and progressive cause for Donald Trumps chump change. They have reached the point of no return and are coons for life–the same holds true for their respective congregants. So yes, if you still sit in any of these house niggers pew on Sunday, you too are a coon for life.

Then there was this…

#4 Omorosa


Omorosa was the actual ring leader of the Black Preachers for Trump Coon Brigade. She’s higher on the list and singled out because in addition to being an ordained minister she’s a very accomplished woman and has enough merit and stripes that such cooning on her part for Donald Trump is wholly unnecessary. Her literally whoring for one of the most overtly racist men to run for president since Barry Goldwater should forever relegate her to being nothing more than a coon, bed wench, mammy (insert Uncle Tom pejorative of choice).


#3 Ben Carson


~Mr. Gifted Hands has anything but a gifted mind. His meteoric yet ephemeral rise to the top of the GOP presidential polls mirrors that of Herman Cains rise (and fall) four years ago. By now it’s pretty obvious that both men are the ultimate tokens of the Grand Ole Party’s fledgling nomination process whereby they serve as the ultimate cover for the most ignorant and bigoted voters (and pollsters that corral them) in the nation and allow them to opine in the most mind numbing racist ways only to claim that they are not racist because they are voting for a buffoon named Ben. Even the dolts that claim to be supporting this useful idiot know that come Super Tuesday his name will be no where near a ballot.

Ben Carson is the Rain Man of brain surgery–politics not so much. In the school of medicine the dude is genius extraordinaire. In the school of politics, common sense and all things unrelated to cutting open the medulla oblongata, he’s arrested in his development  and suffering from an undiagnosed case of Asperger’s (no offense to anyone with a child on the autism spectrum).  He’s more socially awkward, inept and out of place on the national political stage than a 3rd grader at the opera. The good news is that by this time next election cycle he will be the same faint and distant memory (and footnote in history) that Herman Cain is today because his useful idiocy will have long expired. Enjoy Corky while you can.

#2 Sheriff David Clarke

David Coon Clarke

Sheriff David the Coon Clarke has never met a police shooting of an unarmed black person that he did not agree with or co-sign as great police work. His rise to notoriety (mostly via Fox and CNN) coincides with and is in direct correlation to the level of outrage generated by the myriad murders by police caught on tape. He’s paraded around the networks to basically explain away racist police policies and abuse of authority. This makes him one of the most dangerous men (for blacks) on television.

And oh yeah, his answer to what ails the black community is single black women.

#1 Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson


Allow me to drop this verbatim right here (Rev. Jesse Lee Patterson on the Black Lives Matter Movement)

“It’s a hate group, they’re no different than the skinheads or the KKK. They are people who have never been taught to love. From the beginning of their lives they were taught to hate, blame and become victims. They’re just spending a lifetime blaming white Americans, blaming slavery for their lack of good parents in the homes and their lack of love… If Black Lives Matter was a white radical group, doing exactly what these black people are doing, they would be shut down. America would not allow that to happen…white Americans feel helpless and they have fear and they allow black lives matter, and other groups, to destroy our country…I’ve done a lot of work in the prisons and jails, and juvenile detention centers over the years. They have taught, and are teaching black youth, both male and female now, that Christianity is the white man’s religion and that Islam is the black man’s religion…At one point, I was a liberal Democrat, and I had the same anger as Black Lives Matter have because my father wasn’t there for me. Instead of people helping me to forgive him, they told me it was white racism, so I had to same hatred for white people…But I went to God and asked him to show me what was wrong, he  allowed me to see it was that anger that starts in the home.

Uncle Ruckus could not have said that any better (from the purview of a coon of course). And if that is not enough to justify his top billing as Coon of the year the following clip should cement his standing

When Sean Hannity has to tell you to dial back the coonery–you have officially earned the title Coon of the Year.


*Honorable Mention*

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Stephen Thomas

Charles Barkely

charles the coon


Don Lemon


Stephen A. Smith

Stephen a smith

Taye Diggs

taye diggs

Anthony Mackie


Stacy Dash

stay dash

Juan Williams

juan williams

Niger Innis

niger innis

Tommy Sotomayor


Wayne Bradley










94 thoughts on “Top 10 Coons of 2015”

  1. Great list Brother. The Coon Train is filled to the brim with passengers. I would like to add the coons who stood alongside that racist frat boy singing about “hanging n……on a tree,” as well as the coons who so quickly forgave Dylan Roof killing nine of our Brothers and Sisters in cold blood. The French Flag-flyin Coons also need to be mentioned.


      1. All of these “sell outs” must be exposed. Call them out and confront them every day. Let’s make the price so high that no one can even come close to buying them. We can set the price!


      2. These comments are something. Angry Rant, keep going and doing your thing. Coons will always be around as long as the “Slave Mentality” is around because a lot of people of this community see no “Physical Chains” because the chains are mental now. Thank you for being real and still loving our community. I do, too. You make me proud.


  2. Don’t forget those coons who appeared onstage with the white boy who got caught singing the racist song on the fraternity bus. LOL I actually know Wayne Bradley from fcebook. he’s a major coon


  3. I agree with all, but Anyhony Macky was joking and has said so many times. His response was suppose to be sarcasm to a reporters stupid question, but the reporter made it out to be something else. All the others are absolutely true. I’m disappointed in Taye Diggs


  4. No rappers or Tyshawn Lee’s killers made the list. The list mainly consists of Blacks who have opinions that differ from the masses of Blacks. But, Blacks who do ACTUAL harm and degradation to Blacks should be included.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To your point about rappers, those on the ground physically destroying and upholding some of the worst elements of the hood being coons it’s a fair charge. A few could have made at least honorable mention. I will grant that to you. But to your point about the coons making this list being a mere matter of folks that I disagree with I gotta push back on that as a falsehood.

      None of the people on this list had words put in their mouth–at least not by me. Neither were they misquoted or taken out of context. All of them–particularly the ones co-signing police and white vigilante violence against black people. That’s officially cooning and I make no apologies for calling that kind of behavior out. It’s disgusting.


      1. #AMEN When an individual is in a position to make a difference where a difference is not only warranted/needed, but a must – and they drop the ball by siding with the folks who perpetuate the foolery, they should be held responsible. There should be no apologies. And you’re right – it is disgusting. This country is so far behind because of those who either stand silent and do nothing, take it backwards or worse, get into a position where they can and should make a difference, but they get bought off by FOX News or they’re still pandering to the right. They are what my grandmother used to call “unnecessary people.” Anyone who co-signs police brutality or violence because of the color of someone’s skin must go. We have to demand it and carry it out one way or the other. It’s a must.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Some of these people are definitely coons.
      This page seems to label ANYONE who doesn’t buy into the Democratic Party’s blatant coonery an enemy of Black America.
      Where is Donna Brazille, the modern -day mammy that helped Hillary cheat millions of Black Berni Sanders supporters out of their vote, and blocked Nina Turner from the Democratic Convention? Where is Roland Martin for buckdancing with Hillary?
      Is the writer of this blog cooning since he buys into Democratic Coonery?


      1. Where did the writer of this blog show undying loyalty to the Democratic Party? Point to where said writer makes it clear that he’s bought into the Democratic Party hook line and sinker?

        It’s 2017 that this list covers. What Roland did in for Hillary he did in 2016. Nina Turner was dissed by the DNC as well in 2016-even though I’m not sure 🤔 I’d list as a coon for that one.

        Since you’re looking for examples of coonery in 2016 perhaps you should read that one. It’s available.


  5. It’s easy to call those coons whose views we don’t like but it’s harder to call out the coons who entertain some of us and some of them who live in our communities and some of whom may be in our very families.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually it’s easy to call out sell outs within our community because house niggering is a problem that dates all the way back to the plantation. I’m sorry that it offends you that they are being called out. This blog piece was about the kind of coons that overtly uphold the dictates of white supremacy. There’s absolutely no excuse for that kind of mentality.


      1. I love that, “House Niggering” term. It is so true. This is for the ones who are the “Untouchables.” The ones who we aren’t able to confront to their faces. There are so many who are protected by the Government and Hollywood.


      1. The ones who disagree with this article are the Koons, or, Racist Whites pretending to be Black, or, are of low intelligence, and, mentally ill. Democrat/Republican are controlled by the very same government who put that filthy orange peel Orangatan in office. If you are not supporting the Black Community, then you are a Nigger Coon Slave.

        And, who the fuck is talking about aborted Black Babies? How is that cooning? You low intelligence bitches coon when you won’t be there to care for those babies, if they were born. You coon, low intelligence bitches,complain/blame Black Women, and, not Black Men. That can be cooning, you mentally ill bitches…..


      2. That’s why I had to ignore them. If they are black fingers behind those keyboards it’s because they’re butt hurt 😭 about being called out. If they’re white (which I’m sure some are) they’re butt hurt that they can’t get more of us to act like the clowns on this list.


  6. I so enjoyed reading your rants. The ones I knew about were my rants too. The ones I didn’t know about were jaw dropping. Please keep up the good work!


  7. There are so many that make the list. Everyone who is community-conscious and cares about our people should have their own personal list. Then, get together and compare. I would also have in my personal list such coons like: Kanye West, Reggie Bush, Ice-T, and Whoopie Goldberg.

    That picture of Taye Diggs is disturbing.


  8. Your racist rant about blacks supporting conservatives is downright disgusting. Why don’t you stand up AGAINST all the killing of innocent black children being aborted? Why do you champion for democrats when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO VOTED FOR MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES WHICH KEEP BLAS AND BROWNS LOCKED UP? You lie to blacks and mislead them. Democrats have voted FOR mandatory minimum sentences! Check out the omnibus bill. You’re relentless racist name calling is disgusting. Your blatant lies and hypocrisy lead BLACKS AND BROWNS TO MORE TIME IN PRISON AND MORE FOOD STAMPS AND WELFARE . You’re a foul mouth racist piece of shit and you hold back minorities. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA, READ THE VOTING RECORDS OF DEMOCRATS. LEARN THE TRUTH. DEMOCRATS WANT YOU DOWN, REPUBLICANS WANT YOU TO HAVE A GREAT JOB AND PROGRESS TO HAVING A GREAT LIFE. WRITERS LIKE THIS MAN ARE IN BED WITH DEMOCRATS AND ONLY WANT TO FUEL YOUR HATE BASED ON FALSE ACCUSATIONS. PLEASE GO LOOK UP VOTING RECORDS. LOOK TO SEE WHO VOTE FOR INCREASED DRUG SENTENCES… BERNIE AND MANY OTHER DEMOCRATS DID! To the author of this article… FU and your racism and your stupid blind rage. O BLACK.AMERICA… the people on the list are trying to help you rise above the lies of the author. Rebut my argument you racist POS!
    I Can’t believe you call blacks coons! An worse yet… some blacks like it. WOW!
    Grow up!


    1. Damn homie. You big mad or little mad?
      It’s not that serious. Nobody is trying to take your precious little black mouth pieces for white supremacy away from you. You can have them. They’ve long outlived their use in our community. That’s why they tap dance for pittance for the express purpose of placating the fragile white male ego of folks like yourself and the rest of the 20 million or so loyal Fox News wing-nuts.

      I promise you that I’m not trying to get the these folks to leave Candy Land.

      As far as refuting your point I’m not sure that you had one outside of making it crystal clear that you’re inexplicably angry. But for argument sake we will pretend that you had a point by saying that the democrats voted for the omnibus crime bill. Many democrats indeed voted for that draconian crime bill–way to go Captain Obvious.
      First and foremost the 1994 Crime Bill was a bi-partisan hit job on black America so your false dichotomy of it being the big bad democrats vs the angelic republicans is mere obfuscation and deflection from either the unknown or uncomfortable facts.

      The bill passed the 103rd congress. That was the Newt Gingrich led house that already had their first two crime bills voted down. Those two crime bills were actually worse than the final one that was passed and signed into law by Clinton (who I would never call a friend to black people). Furthermore the war on drugs aka the war on black and poor people took insidious root in this nations political apparatus decades prior to that crime bill so the fact that you even brought it up shows that you’re starting at the ass end of the conversation. And you know what they say about those that start at the ass end. If I wanted to be a petulant partisan and more over if I thought that you have the mental acuity to comprehend the point I’d point out the fact that it was the Nixon administration that started this mythical war on poor people that they call the war on drugs.

      In any event that was a good try at pegging me but you need to go back to the drawing board because you got the wrong man Pilgrim.


    2. “Sell Out!” Are you out of your mind? This is not about Democrats or Republicans. We are trying to get the best return from the established evil parties, because we have not built our own security base. The South does not care about the Republicans being the party of Lincoln and their enemy during the Civil War. They are trying to get what they can from either party. A wise person will do the same, and the Republicans do not have anything for us at this time. Right now, the Democrats and the Creator are our only hope, other than what we can do to help self. Please wake-up!


    3. What makes you think that he doesn’t care about the innocent? And, what are you doing for the community?! And, Democrats, and, Rebublicans are owned by the same racist, ruling class. So, when you make money, and, Black, you can say just about anything ignorant that you want?! Is Kanye ‘Koon West Karnastian someone to uphold as an idol to Black children?! Our people worked against injustice, racism, oppression, and subjugation to see us worshipping a white ho?! And, her family? And, a fake-ass one. Is that our “Pride?” That is just one example of “Money and Fame” making us “Shuck and Jive.” A reparations white ho is always the answer.


      1. I’m not sure what happened to my comment. Anyway, Rupiblicans/Democrats both can’t be trusted, DUMBASS. They are the same. Owned by the same government. I know that my people (some) have been so defeated, and, conquered that they are mentally ill, and, lowly intelligent. Due, to the trauma we have experienced in this country.


      2. And, my comments are directed to Rick. Black Politicians/Black Celebrities are White Supremacy’s(Slave Master) Slavers. They keep us down. Misinform. Attacking eachother, allowing other races to do the same. That is what they show us. Exploiting our hardships for financial gain. That is their reparations. Their,”Promised Land is Hollywood/Government. Reparations is gained only for themselves, not, our Community. Fame/Fortune/White Women/White Men. (Reparations). The rest of us are to remain their mental, economical, entertained slaves.


  9. I LOVE IT!!! KEEP THE COON LIST COMING AND F-K ALL THE COON SUPPORTERS…People KILL me with the hypocrisy especially when it comes from a black mouth like that self hating sheriff from Milwaukee…there is only ONE solution for these yassa bosses…DEATH right along with the groups they support…the GAY GAY GAY…the Shineheads..and any other gay ass redneck the FUCK can you compare BLM or the Black Panthers with the GAY GAY GAY…please COON supporters…NAME ONE person a BLM or BPP ONE CHURCH OR HOME A BLM or BPP member burned…NAME ONE WHITE WOMAN A BLM or BPP member RAPED…NAME ONE BLM or BPP member that dragged a man down a road behind a truck or burned them alive…YOU CANT you fucking HYPOCRITES….DEATH TO ALL OF YOU!!!


  10. All I see is successful black people who can think for themselves. Anytime a black person is successful or has a different opinion they get called coon. Don’t see you calling put gangbangers and hoodrats. Keep calling out people who’ve done nothing wrong! The title should be list of successful people!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Why does it matter where he lives oh so you have to be from the hood to have a gripe??? LOL You are DEFINITELY showing your true colors there white boy.


      1. Shut your retarded, white boy-ass up…..I bet Trump fucks you in the ass every night. Or, you dream about it……


  11. I couldn’t have said it better than FU did! You’re a disgusting racist. Just because people have a different (smarter, better) political opinion than you, you call them horrible, offensive, RACIST names!

    Shame on you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lmao! Chill Lucy. No need to get your bloomers in a bunch. No worries. Your good little slaves ain’t gonna flee your plantation of bullshit and white supremacist thinking anytime soon. You will be aight. There is a coon outbreak. Plenty of black faces to propagate the long debunked theories that you live by.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You keep up the good work. I am sick, and, tired of people thinking that, because we don’t see chains on us physically, then we are free mentally. It is ridiculous. We always need acceptance, and, approval from the “Man.” ‘Coons need to be put in their places. You keep going.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. People that like to see black folk act like a minstrel show will always down you when you expose this bufCOONery you say EXACTLY what you have been Angry because TRUTH and FACTS are something the sympathizers hate.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Bro, you’re a racist MAN. Just as bad ( if not worse ), than the plan. We our elders past and present went through so black people COULD be diverse in their views out loud. Grow, and update your MIND. Peace.


      4. I’m not your bro. That’s first and foremost. Secondly I’m gonna need you to look up the definition of what racism is. Lastly I don’t need some coon telling me about what my ancestors went through. None of my ancestors made sacrifices for me to acquiesce to the white supremacist ethos. You’re on your own with that Toby.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Really. And, what makes him a racist?! You don’t even know the definition. Successful. Really. Intelligent. Better. How? So, why don’t you educate us about people who get money (success) and lose their self-worth? Are you Black? They lose respect for themselves, and, their community. Please gives us some information, please……


  12. I hope you’re working on your list of the Top 10 Coons of 2016. You may have to expand the list to a Top 25, with the way this year’s been going.

    I have some nominees for 2016’s list.

    New Nominees:
    -Kevin Gates
    -Jerry Rice
    -Tiki Barber
    -Bruce Levell

    Repeat Offenders
    -Sheriff David ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Clarke
    -Diamond & Silk
    -ALL of the Black Pastors who endorsed Trump (Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Pastor Darrell Scott, Pastor Mark Burns (a new coon), etc.)
    -Stacy Dash
    -Charles Barkley (of course)
    -Ben Carson
    -Steven A. Smith
    -Don Lemon

    Thank you for this post.


      1. 😂😂😂 I hear you. Those honorable mentions were on point as well. Anthony Mackie and Taye Diggs, well-deserved. Why can’t Hollywood and the world have more Don Cheadles and Samuel L. Jacksons?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. We have far too many ‘Adolph Caesar in A Soldier’s Story’ type of self-hating coons walking around these days. 😡 It’s embarrassing!


      2. It has been discovered the heaven research is really a krakkka sitting in Shady Acres trailer park high on opiates wishing Donald Trump would come by and cornhole him while they watch kiddie porn together…hey you may as well invite mom and pop and bro and sis to join in….you know the kkkulture you shine on Murikkkka. LOL


  13. that boat of coon Trump supporters better be Noah’s ark. Include all those smiling Black faces behind the Drumpf on 9/16 when he reluctantly admitted that the very FIRST Black President was born in the U.SA. please, there isn’t enough money on this planet to get me to stand behind that fool.


    1. Yes. The white man has been all of that for centuries. I think that it’s great that you recognize as much Jethro. This revelation will actually save the meth heads and heroine fiends throughout your community once you begin making it as plain to them as you did right here.

      Kudos to you boy boy!


    2. Black Smacker, the Kaucasus Kave Kreatures are savage, filthy animals. Self- destructive with Melanoma, meth.


  14. How I easily identify someone cooning on Facebook…. if there post/rant/vlog gets reposted by white people with the phrase “This person gets it!”

    Glad to see Sheriff Coon Clark was on the list.


  15. Thank you, Angry Rant. I couldn’t find the reply button, so, that is why it seemed like I was just responding, generally. But, some of my comments were for the specific lowlives leeching around your article. Sad that our people are willing to fight each other to victimize us even more. And, too afraid to fight White supremacy. Keep up what you do. Thank you.

    I still can’t find the fool that was talking about aborted babies. They are the ones who would never adopt, or, open their home to Foster the Black Babies who need us to care for them. Children are always an easy target for these shit holes in our community. That is how we grow a community by being there for the Black Women who don’t have support. A race grows in love when we appreciate, respect each other. Not, rant about aborted Black Babies. What a retarded way to pretend to be about the Black Community.




    1. I call Whites,”Honkeys, Peckerwoods, pale pussies, dead-looking, rednecks, Caucasus Cave Creatures…, pork-smelling, raw um eat blooming, un-kneaded dough….


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