Open Letter to my Brothers (some of you niggletts)

Dear brothers,

There’s a strange new phenomenon taking root in a growing number of circles within our community. I like to call it the Nigga’s Rights movement. It’s a movement of brothers that incessantly bemoan all things superfluous–from why Ciara don’t want Future no more to why Kevin Samuels should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize. I really need you niggas to cut this goofy shit out because you are embarrassing the rest of us with the Ralph Tresvant Mr. Sensitivity routine. Kunta Kinte did not get his foot caught off trying to escape working the field from sun up to sun down so that you niggas some 200 years later can be on Beyonce’s internet from sun up to sun down whining about how Kizzy wears her hair. It’s self defeating behavior family.

It’s far above my paygrade to diagnose your depression and prescribe therapy so this is 100 percent free game. Get some fuckin therapy! Talk to your mom and dad. Have a conversation with your younger self and forgive yourself for not being cool enough to land the popular girls during your formative years. More importantly forgive the women that are outside of your reach and play in the lane that the cards of life dealt you. Every man ain’t going to land the video vixen “dime piece” that you see in your favorite rappers videos, nor is any man owed one. A lot of you niggas can actually pass for cool kids in your adult years if you simply shut the fuck up about the frivolous fuckery that you banter about day in and day out. The level of carrying on Karening on that see on social media from Facebook to Clubhouse (and all apps in between) from some of you brothers is eerily similar to how a lot of white women act when they are faced with such oppressive sightings such as Black people barbecuing in the park, selling water on the street and other offensive actions like minding our black ass business. I’m noticing a growing nexus between the Black men that I’m speaking about and a lot of white women. Many White women want to end the system of patriarchy and misogyny but wish to keep in place systemic racism. The Niggas Rights movement seems to want to end racism but wishes to keep the pillars of patriarchy in place. Again, cut this goofy ass behavior out. It’s not getting us anywhere. Stop carrying childhood disappointments into adulthood. You niggas are arrested in development. Hug it out, cry it out. Whatever you do, keep that fragile fuck boy shit off of social media.

One more thing. Cut out all of that “I’m an Alpha Male” talk. First and foremost a real Alpha Male has no interest in engaging in the bitchy conversations that you niggletts engage in daily. More importantly being an “alpha male” is relative to where you are, who else is in the room and what metrics are being used to gauge ones Alpha dog. If your crying ass is in the room with Mike Tyson and the metric being used is who the last man standing would be in a 3 minute round of boxing, nigga you are nobody’s Alpha. Truth be told more than half of you petty ass petite niggas would not be alpha dogs if y’all were in a room full of many of the same Black women that y’all decry day in and day out. So for the sake of Black Jesus can y’all please stop this Nigcel behavior. I say this will love and sincerity. We are in a much larger fight against white supremacy. We need y’all catty asses to let go of y’all petty beefs with the sisters and join us in this fight verse our collective oppressor. Who knows, you may even impress that pretty girl that don’t notice or refuses to recognize you due to your penchant for punching down. Said with all love and sincerity.


A real Nigga 🤷🏿‍♂️


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