Save the Music, Save the Children

People always talk about the 90’s being the golden age of hip-hop, which is true, but it was the golden age of music period. All genres of music during the 90’s was hot. 
In the 90’s we still had Luther Vandross Anita Baker, Gerald Levert–even the King of Pop was still giving the world timeless music to enjoy. In addition you had new comers like Mary J Blige, Boys II Men, Jodeci and the myriad other male and female groups that sprung up. Some had staying power and others were one hit wonders but they all made the radio enjoyable to listen to. You had Depech Mode, U2, Green Day, Hootie & The Blowfish and other hard and soft rock bands going strong and making great music that was aesthetically pleasing to ear-buds across all demographics.  ImageYou had Shabba Ranks, Beanie Man, Super Cat, Patra and others holding it down for the reggae/dance hall scene and they were all dope. Even the jazz genre was putting out the hits with the likes of Branford Marsalis,Kenny G and Wayman Tisdale  blowing the horn.

So what happened? How did listening to the radio go from being oh so good in the 90’s to being god-awful today? I have a theory–on both how it got so good during its zenith and on how it reached its nadir in 2013. It’s far from empirical fact or even the lone factor but, I do believe it is a major factor in why I hate the radio today.Image

Music in the 90’s reached its peak (In my humble opinion) because were just entering into the Information Age where the world started to shrink and cultural exchange became much more seamless. Any time you have a market place where diversity is fostered awesomeness usually ensues and that is what happened with music in the 90’s. At the same time however very sharp cuts were being made to the wholistic style of education that was once a staple of a free and balanced education. Image

When I was in school I remember everyone taking music class. In elementary and Jr. High. The nerds, the athletes, the class clowns and bullies all had to make use of that little brown flute. Whether or not you were musically inclined you were taught do-re-mi. We overstood what a real musical note was more than we even understood what it was. Our subconscious ear was therefore well equipped to decipher real music from repetitious bull shit–as is the case with the radio today.


Our kids today are being robbed of their own inner genius because as a nation we rather pay to build other nations (after we destroy them) than build a future for the children who will inherit this mess of a country that we have created.

Save the music and we might save some kids. I’m just saying…


One thought on “Save the Music, Save the Children”

  1. I’m very happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.


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