To be a negro in this country and to be relativity conscious is to be in a rage almost all of the time ~ James Baldwin

If you ain’t mad you’re asleep

The Angry Black Rant is about channeling anger into action by sharing knowledge and information pertinent to the uplift and survival of disaffected people throughout the diaspora.

The Angry Black Rant is also about the movement towards a higher consciousness–one that further ingratiates self, community and society at large into the burgeoning age of enlightenment (also known as the Aquarian Age) where knowledge, truth, and a more balanced ethos reigns supreme. One that has as equal amount of feminine energy as it does masculine energy. One that rejects the long established antiquated patriarchal leadership.

The Angry Black Rant is not about being angry. It’s actually about finding happiness in the midst of societal imbalance. In order find the happiness though, one has to acknowledge the prevailing injustice far too replete in today’s society and moreover in this nation. Only through acknowledgment and overstanding will we as a nation reach the requisite critical mass whereby positive and tangible change is attainable.



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