Why Donald Trump won the 1st presidential debate

This country is full of stupid white people who are moved by the ridiculously racist antics of Trump. The fact that he comported himself as a 5 year old that got left back in the terrible two’s stage of life (3 times) does not deter them from going to the polls in record numbers to vote him in. After all they do share his dominant worldview.  Hillary on the other hand did not have the benefit of such a low bar. She was tasked with winning over the higher minded voter. You know the not so racist person that actually reads, writes and has comprehensive skills beyond an 8th grade level? And while she did not do terrible she did not necessarily win over any new converts from that seemingly fleeting American demographic.

NAFTA and even the pending TPP deal is an obvious Achilles heel for her. She needs to stay humble on those topics and even evade them if she can (actually we know she can).  She also needs to stop touting her husbands legacy because even Donald is not that dumb that he can’t flip the negative reverberations from his legacy as he seamlessly did last night. He dinged her on trade deals and even criminal justice–even as he threw his rabidly racist rascals a bone with his law and order quips(code word for keep on killing the da blacks).

Hillary on the other hand only tacitly admitted that there’s a serious problem with the justice system. The Fraternal Order of Police has already come out in full force for Trump so she needs to rid her self of the propensity to straddle that fence. They are not fucking with her so she needs to stop trying to curry favor with them and the assholes that they serve, protect and coddle AND the assholes that look upon the injustices perpetrated against people as color as no big deal. If she is to win this race she needs to do away with her politics of yesteryear and tap into the “real talk” politics of today. The kind of real talk that Obama has sort of introduced and that Bernie Sanders has doubled down on. If I was advising Hillary’s campaign NWA’s Fuck The Police would be the new campaign theme song. In other words I would have her cease and desist her strategy of reaching out to the ignoble white male demographic and instead have her speak to the broader coalition of voters that have kept President Obama in office for the past 8 years. The Clintonian coalition that Slick Willie rode to two terms no longer exists and I’m not sure that she understand this fact.

S/N: Bernie Sanders would have cleaned his clock last night. If she loses to this asshole. Don’t blame Jill, don’t blame the Bernie Bros or none of the bullshit excuses that have been senselessly bantered about in the ether. Blame team #imwithher because the same polls that has her struggling with this arrested in adolescent development ass hat had him several points ahead in all of the swing states. who-really-lost

S/N2: WTF was up with all that damn sniffling Donald was doing last night? That dude was snorting snot like Tony Montana snorted coke. Yuck!


S/N3: Never trust a  Lester to do a mans job (or a woman’s)




11 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump won the 1st presidential debate”

  1. Hillary played the role of Mayweather – Evading punches in a safe defensive style, countering with quick 1,2s, but not going in for the KO – as many fight fans like.

    Trump started out reserved, but reverted back to an unskilled boxer who was trying to throw wild, erratic haymakers – as is his style, and a few connected – but not enough to cause any real damage.

    Hillary missed some golden opportunities to nail Trump on facts – Stop and Frisk, definition of “Make America Great Again”, the contradictions of Trump’s businesses overseas versus his statement of keeping businesses here, the tax returns and admitance of not paying federal taxes. Her lack of aggression opened up the window for Trump to capitalize, but, as is routine, Trump was too all-over-the-map to seize it, even with some of his good points made. His lack of discipline lost him the battle more than the unwillingness of Hillary to go for the kill.

    Hillary by decision last night.


  2. Donald Trump is just warming up because of his study of personal character, in order to bring the real person out. He could counter punch as easy as one two three. Yet he is playing the roper dope as Don King knows. Would he go for a knockout. I do not think he will unless he has to. He would rather win by points. He knows he’s up against a woman regardless of her Democratic leanings. He will and thus far treated her as a person not an item. He really does stand more for what the American people wants, yet he maintains his manners. He was not truly for the invasion of Iraq of which Isis form after the government gotten the hell out of there. Donald Trump is quite brilliant in the way he has handle the debate. The people of the USA the majority finally had an good look for what we stand for and he has the ability to show all Americans just as it is. He is honest and trustworthy without a bit of hypocrisy. He will be somewhat like President Ronald Reagan.


  3. Hillary should be worry about her lost e-mails. Donald Trump just has a little bit of so call trouble with the IRS. It has been going on for endless years. He still came out on top of the IRS. I can see Donald Trump even winning by an landslide. Yet he is polite and the reason he will not belittle anyone including his running competitors is he really at heart is quite a gentlemen until it comes for his country. Even then he has the poise to come across who he really is. The American of our country whom we are and do have the perfect candidate to truly represent us . We do have our spoke person Donald Trump is his name and we will and have backup.


  4. I will never understand why people vote against their best interests. poor people, especially those living in rural areas, believing that Trump is looking out for them is both astonishing and comical. Trump thinks these people are beneath him. Actually I think he thinks MOST people are beneath him.

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